Your Ultimate WVU Tailgating Guide

No doubt you have been to a tailgate before- but just how savvy of a tailgater are you? Read on for a complete list of WVU tailgating tips and leave us your comments with your favorites!


  • Set yourself up for success

The key to any good tailgate is preparation. First, decide if you will be bringing a camper, tent or just your Truck/SUV. If you will be bringing a tent be sure to bring along a pole caddy in case of windy weather.

Second, decide what you will be having to eat/drink. Some folks prefer to keep it simple and head to Sheetz for sandwiches beforehand, storing them in a cooler with drinks until they are ready to eat. If you are looking to be a bit more adventurous and cook, you will need to make sure you have an easily portable grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, a solid grilling glove and BBQ utensils.



  • Prepare as much as possible night before

You will need to get up fairly early to tailgate—prepare what food you can the night before so that you can simply pack it to go the morning of. Tailgate meal prep is a great time to marinate meats, prepare sides and create Mountaineer treats, easy enough with a cake pan, muffin pan, cookie cutter or candy mold.




  • Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

You worked hard on getting everything together for your tailgate; don’t let it look a mess! Get some Instagram worthy shots with some simple embellishments. WVU themed platters are a festive way to show off your culinary masterpieces. Add some flair to your table with some DIY decorations- invest in a chalkboard for a reusable party prop, blow up some WVU balloons, ornament the table with gold and blue confetti, or patch together a tablecloth out of old Mountaineer apparel.



  • Stay hydrated

Tailgating in Morgantown can be a full day event. It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the day. Bring along a reusable water bottle, or buy a pack at the store and freeze them the night before to keep them cool all day long. If you are running out of room in your cooler with all of the food you packed, look into getting a collapsible cooler to just store your hydration essentials.




  • Kick back and relax

You’ve done all the work, now it’s time to chill! Sit back in your chair, munch on some snacks, get a can in your koozie (a tailgate must have for keeping your beverages cool).



  • Get in the Football spirit

While tailgates are ideal spots for socializing, it helps to have some activities to get your crowd excited for the game. Most times each tailgate has a Jambox with a game day playlist or the pregame kickoff show blaring. Depending on your audience you may want to bring some playing cards if you are looking for some low key entertainment, if there will be kids present there are always fun football games to play, or Softee footballs to bring for a catch. If you are looking for something a bit more interactive, corn hole is a big fan favorite, if you can’t afford to buy a set look into making your own using palettes.



  • Stay warm

While the weather is mild at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before the tailgates start getting colder. Definitely dress for the weather with fleece hoodies, mittens, hats and scarves, but maybe think about bringing along a warm blanket to throw over your legs and a tumbler with coffee or hot tea.



  • Easily clean up

When it comes to game time, you want to get in there and see the Mountaineers play, not sit outside cleaning up while kickoff is underway. Bring a large, plastic container for all of your platters and BBQ utensils, and have your fellow tailgaters use plastic cups, napkins, paper plates and plastic table covers. Just be sure to bring along some trash bags, and in one fowl sweep you can gather all of the trash easily and toss it away before entering the game.



Now that you’ve spent all day getting prepared- it’s time to cheer on our boys in Gold & Blue! Let’s Go Mountaineers!


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