Jack Fleming - Voice of the Mountaineers [February 3, 1923 - January 3, 2001]

Collected here are various publications and pictures in memorial of the great legacy of Jack Fleming.
-The Voice of the Mountaineers.

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A Morgantown native, Jack had a gift for announcing.
He served as announcer to four Super Bowls, the 1960 Rome Olympics, The Chicago Bulls, and spent 34 years announcing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's most widely remembered  for his narrative of the 1972 “Immaculate Reception” by Franco Harris, incidentally the most replayed call in pro football history. Despite these very notable accomplishments, Jack's true love was for the Mountaineers, as he dedicated 47 years of broadcast to WVU.

"It would gratify me the most when I would hear from a blind person.
They often thanked me for creating a picture. That's what it was all about."
-Jack Fleming

His heart was always in Morgantown. A 1941 graduate of MHS, Fleming was student body president. After graduation, Jack enlisted as a B-17 bomber navigator. He began his career in broadcast while recuperating at Ashford Military Hospital in Greenbrier by reading newspaper articles over the loudspeaker for other injured soldiers.

Once back in Morgantown Fleming enrolled at WVU’s School of Creative Arts in the speech department where he was later appointed sports editor of the student newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum. Many believe for him, this kick-started a career devoted to Mountaineer sports.
“I’'m no legend; I don’t believe all that stuff.”
- Jack Fleming

Jack Fleming is also well-remembered for his incredible play-by-play announcing and illustrative pre-game narratives:

“They got Flutie!”

WVU vs. PSU Halloween game


His honors speak a great deal for his work. He was a 7-time West Virginia
Sportscaster of the Year. Also the fourth ever recipient of the Chris Schenkel Award for lifelong excellence and commitment to broadcasting college football.

Jack Fleming will be remembered in many ways but here in Morgantown most of all for his passion for broadcast and love of West Virginia University. But most of all for the incredible  mark left in the hearts of true Mountaineer sports fans.


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