Consequences: Short Stories, Poems, Commentaries Book

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Consequences: Short Stories, Poems, Commentaries Book

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Consequences is a rich compilation of reflections on the human experience, in prose, verse, and commentary. Iannone’s clear voice explores the imperfect ways we interact with each other and the lives we’ve been given and made for ourselves. The pieces range from grounded observations of life in the natural world (the fragrance of seasons, or the feel of sand in between toes), to fantastical visions of other worlds and reasoned arguments about contemporary pressing matters. What unites each work is a candidness and openness to the diversity and complexity of the human relationships and passions that shape the world around us.

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• Written by Ron Iannone
• Paperback 6 X 9 inches
• 119 pages
• ISBN 9780998202006
• Published by Destination Press